Running From Big Tobacco

Many people make the switch to electronic cigarettes just for the simple fact that they do not want to continue to support Big Tobacco. And that is completely understandable since they are the world’s most infamous serial killer. A killer with a victim rate of at least 400,000 smokers per year. And that is not even taking the innocent non-smokers into consideration.

However, if you are going to quit smoking and start vaping there are a few things one needs to know.

Be careful when choosing which brand of e cigs to go with because you can easily continue supporting Big Tobacco and not even know it!

Did you know that Big Tobacco is buying into the electronic cigarette game and they now own several very popular brands of e cigarettes! Lorillard, known for Newport cigarettes are responsible for the well-known Blu Cigs. Reynolds, known for Camel cigarettes are bring the Vuse e cigs into stores and last but not least is Altria, makers of Marlboro and there MarkTen electronic cigarettes.

So if you go with any of these brands you are still supporting the the mass murderers that have been trying to take your life since that first puff. Although, Big Tobacco is in the e cig game, they don’t own it all.

To be honest, some of the brands owned by Big Tobacco may be some of the most popular brands but they are not the best. To be honest, the only reason they are all over the stores and sell better is because of the Power that Big T has.

If you do want to steer clear from Big Tobacco and go with a brand that will more than please you check out V2 cigs or some of the other brands you can find at

When you quit smoking, quit enabling the corporations that kill!

Trading in Tobacco Cigarettes for Electronic Cigarettes

Quitting smoking can be a serious priority for people concerned for their health and well being and can be one of the most difficult things a person can take on in their lives. Traditional tobacco can have a very serious addictive quality over individuals and in combination with the romanticized image of traditional tobacco products it can be difficult to avoid cigarettes and the other products similar to them. Good information and alternatives can make quitting a much simpler process. Check out this video for more information on electronic cigarettes and their effectiveness at aiding consumers give up tobacco and for more information check out